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Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Regional Chamber Supports November 3rd Scio Township Transportation Millage

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October 22, 2015
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Regional Chamber Supports November 3rd Scio Township Transportation Millage Proposal
As a longtime supporter of expanded transit options, the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti (A2Y) Regional Chamber supports the ten year 0.3627 millage proposal before Scio Township voters on the November 3rd ballot. The Chamber urges Scio Township residents to support this necessary initiative.  
The A2Y Chamber has supported increased regional mass transit for many years.  A high quality regional public transit system is critical to enhancing our region’s economic vitality and quality of life, fosters economic activity, and improves property values. It also serves as a magnet for residential and commercial development, and for attracting and retaining employees and entrepreneurs. Expanded public transit will help our citizens have better access to jobs, businesses, schools, health care, shopping and entertainment. The Scio Township proposal can bring these benefits to township business and residents.
“This proposal fits well with the Chamber’s long track record of supporting smart and targeted transit opportunities for the betterment of prosperity and quality of life,” said Diane Keller, the A2Y Chamber’s President and CEO. “This proposal will bring needed services to more of Scio Township, helping both its residents and businesses.” Scio Township Supervisor Spaulding Clark said, “The Scio Township Board unanimously determined that improved transit services can improve the health and economic success of the Township and its citizens. The transportation improvements funded by this millage will help us achieve those outcomes and provide direct benefits to our townships, its citizens, and our local economy.” Cathy Franklin, Vice President of the West Washtenaw Business Association said, “Many Scio Township businesses have job availabilities but the pipeline to potential employees falls short. The expanded reach of the transit service provided by the passage of the millage will address township citizens’ lack of access to local businesses, as both employees and consumers. The West Washtenaw Business Association is in favor of the proposal because public transit services are essential to promoting and supporting the economic growth of our community.”
For more information, please contact Andy LaBarre, A2Y Chamber Executive Vice President and Director of Government Relations, at (734) 214-0101 or
Andy LaBarre, Vice President of Government Relations
(734) 665-4433


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