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Valuable Tips to Build Your Handyman Business

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With a booming real estate market, builder shortages, and people making major renovations on their homes and business spaces, now is a great time to use your skills as a handyman. With contractor shortages all over the United States and many homeowners and potential clients waiting years for their projects to begin, your skills as a handyman are in high demand. For a few handy tips to add to your toolbox, read on. 

Marketing for Your Handy Services

No matter how many skills you have or what kind of tools you own, your work won't go far without customers. While word-of-mouth advertising will help, you'll want to first start with some marketing and legal research. It can be tempting to place a classified ad to find work, but that can be risky. Instead, be sure to research the permit requirements, rules for registering as an LLC, and the type of liability insurance needed as a handyman in your state.

Having the right licensing and following the rules will be another step in your business plan and marketing materials. You'll have the benefit of knowing you and your customers are protected. With the legal portion of your business plan complete, you'll want to consider a logo for your business. To save money, you can use a logo design maker where you'll be able to choose fonts and colors that best represent your company. 

When thinking about your logo design, be sure to incorporate elements that signal your specific trade specialty. You can pick a specialty based on areas you have the most experience in, such as finish carpentry, landscape, interior painting, or roofing. This will help clients know you are a good match for them. 

Making the Most of Technology Tools

While you may prefer hand tools, the truth is that technology will be invaluable for your business processes. Searching for review sites to research your competition and an online referral service can be an effective way to get information and spread the word about your business. Also consider using social media, Facebook Groups, listing services, and major platforms to advertise your business. 

When deciding how to use technology to help your business, remember to use websites or apps that take customer payments. Avoid payment systems with expensive credit card fees and opt for systems that will assure your clients that their funds are getting to you securely. 

Types of Estimator Tools and Apps

Try out construction estimating software that creates payment schedules for customers, develops bids, brands your business, and sends automatic reminder emails for payments for your business. These tools are beneficial not only to you but also to your customers. The tools can create a bid for one customer while reminding another customer of their upcoming payment. They are important for accounting reasons and when taxes are due. 

Building Your Dream 

Whether you're rooted in a fantastic place like the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area or somewhere else, building your dream of running a handyman service can go smoothly if you use the available tools. 

Membership in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce will help you build relationships that can propel your business to new levels of success. Join us today!

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