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Seeing The Cloud as Technology Sea-Change, IT Services Company Rebrands

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December 03, 2012

Ann Arbor, MI, November 15, 2012 - Shulman Clark Associates has announced a new name, new location, and new website.  The company recently assumed the name Nimble Systems and moved to offices at 3915 Research Park Drive, Suite A-13 in Ann Arbor.  Says Mr. Clark, the firm’s CTO, “Cloud computing is reaching a tipping point where there are proven capabilities appropriate for small business.  It represents a sea-change in technology.  It stands to have an impact equivalent to the advent of the PC or the Internet or the smart-phone.  It’s offering new ways in which to be more nimble than ever.  Businesses who figure out how to capitalize on opportunities like this will end up ahead of their competition.  By naming ourselves Nimble Systems, we convey that we can help you do that.”  The Ann-Arbor-based company was founded in 2002 by Carol Shulman and Mike Clark to provide IT services tailored to the needs of small business.  The company’s new tag line is, “IT at the speed of youSM”.  View the firm’s new website at  

Adds Mr. Clark, “Cloud services provide a way to take small-business IT to the next level.  The vision is that you buy only what you need only for as long as you need it and it’s all always up-to-date. You pay for it with operating funds vs. large capital purchases.  We’re not quite to the point where most small businesses can put their whole IT infrastructure in the cloud, but it’s time to start thinking about when and how you’ll get there, because it’s coming.”

Mr. Clark describes the current state of the cloud this way:  “There are things that a server does for most small businesses that make it difficult to eliminate entirely, and the price premium for a cloud server is still pretty high.  Our answer right now is an intermediate step.  It blends appropriate cloud services with some on-premises infrastructure. With this architecture, we can help the client virtually eliminate PCs.  Instead, desk workers use a small, inexpensive device that is pretty much plug-and-play.  Mobile workers use a variety of devices, like iPads or other tablets, smart phones, and so on.  It doesn’t cost much more to set up this solution than to set up an ordinary server, and it positions the client to make an easy move to all-cloud when the time is right.”

 About the name change, Ms. Shulman said, “We have always had our names on the door and we didn’t change that lightly.  That being said, we feel the Nimble Systems name is far more descriptive of what we deliver and how.  We’ve always been known for helping our clients be nimble.  For example, we’re experts in mobility.  Our clients have long been able to work when they want, where they want, using whatever device they want, even before ‘mobility’ was a buzz word.  And we’ve been known to turn on a dime for our clients when they need us to.”

The company moved to new office space to acquire room for growth.  “We couldn’t add even one more tech in our old offices,” remarked Ms. Shulman.  “We lacked a warehouse. We were out of room for our own IT infrastructure.  It was time to move.”

Shulman Clark Associates’ rebranding, office move, and new website position the firm for growth, and highlight its ability to help clients take advantage of cloud services and other technology advances.  By acting as a client’s trusted IT advisor, Nimble Systems helps the client identify those new technologies with the highest return on investment in their particular circumstances.  

Nimble Systems provides managed IT, cloud, and project services to small businesses in SE Michigan and Greater Toledo, OH.  Visit Nimble Systems at, or call 734-997-7145.  Nimble Systems is located at 3915 Research Park Drive, Suite A-13, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

Nimble Systems is an assumed name of Shulman Clark Associates.  “IT at the speed of you” is a service mark of Shulman Clark Associates.  


Carol Shulman, COO



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