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Quack!Media becomes Q+M

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October 24, 2016
Ann Arbor Based Media Company Rebrands After 13 Years

Ann Arbor, MI October 24th, 2016 – In 2003 a 23-year-old kid set up two folding
chairs in an empty closet behind an Indian restaurant office suite and a few
months later and Quack!Media started making ridiculously low budget, but funny
and effective educational videos. Now the company has expanded to make
cartoons for Cartoon Network and Disney, run local, regional and national
marketing for respectable clients in the public and private sector, and are trusted
with big budgets once joked about on the back of napkins..

“Quack! made sense when we were goofing around in front of a green screen.
Quack! made sense in the early aughts when onomatopoeia and exclamation
points were cool.” Says founder Al Mcwilliams, “These days it’s harder and
harder to look someone in the eye and say, sure, we’ll manage your ten million
dollar budget… Quack.”

“As a brand identity, Q+M is much more open, allowing us to apply our own
meaning,” McWilliams adds. “We’re following our own advice and retooling our
brand to reflect where we are going, not just where we have been.”
Rebranding is a process Q+M executes for clients often, so going through the
process in-house is a valuable exploration in itself. “We’ve discovered some
ways of smoothing out the client’s side of the process,” says Nancy Shore, VP of
Client Success, “everyone has some emotion tied up in a name so changing ours
helps us understand the trials a client will go through in a rebrand process.”

The name change coincides with the establishment of a West Coast office of
Q+M in Burbank, CA. The Ann Arbor headquarters will focus on advertising &
marketing services while television projects will be lead out of the California

About Q+M

Q+M is a multi-service advertising and marketing agency with a presence in Ann
Arbor, MI & Burbank, CA. Q+M provides services to both public and private
clients, delivering highly entertaining content that offers informative marketing

Whether you are looking for marketing materials, a new website, a video, or a
promotional campaign, Q+M will guide you through the process and deliver

Clients include the Port of Long Beach, Cranbrook Schools, Tiffany’s Pizza, the
UM-Center for Entrepreneurship, Busch’s Fresh Food Market, The Detroit Red
Wings, and the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority.
Al McWilliams


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