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HVA's Reaccreditation Recognizes the Agency as a Leader in the Ambulance Industry

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February 18, 2013
Ann Arbor, Mich., February 15, 2013 - Huron Valley Ambulance has received reaccreditation by the national Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) for its compliance with national standards of excellence.
Huron Valley Ambulance was one of the first ambulance services to be accredited by CAAS in 1993. "Our accreditation is renewed every three years and we are pleased to report that our latest reaccreditation review found that HVA has met or exceeded all accreditation standards," reports Dale Berry, HVA President and CEO. "Our reaccreditation assures the communities we serve that HVA continues to meet the Commission's high standard for quality patient care."
Berry also noted that reaccreditation by CAAS assures local officials that HVA has undergone careful scrutiny by an independent review process. Residents can be confident that HVA is providing quality patient care in accordance with nationally-accepted standards.
CAAS accreditation is designed to help EMS agencies increase organizational performance and efficiency, increase clinical quality, and decrease risk and liability.  Accreditation provides a template for making comprehensive organization changes that improve the overall performance of the organization.  An independent review validates that accredited agencies are adhering to the highest standards in the industry.
There are more than 100 agencies in North America that are currently accredited by CAAS. To be considered for reaccreditation, HVA completed a voluntary review process that included the completion of a comprehensive application and an on-site review by national experts in emergency medical services.

CAAS is a nonprofit organization that was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America's medical transportation system. The primary focus of the Commission's standards is high-quality patient care. This is accomplished by establishing national standards which not only address the delivery of quality patient care, but also the total operation of an ambulance service and its relationships with other agencies, the general public and the medical community. The Commission's standards often exceed state or local licensing requirements.
Joyce Williams, Public Affairs Manager
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