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Deli Sandwich Line Cook - Mid Shift

Zingerman's Community of Businesses
Job Description

Prepares Deli menu items to meet quality, portion and time standards, maintains line cleanliness/sanitation and gives great service to internal/external guests. Has 2 years of experience as a line cook in a high volume kitchen.

  • Full-Time or Part-Time 
  • $11-15/hour
  • Mid Shifts are between 10am-8pm
  • Flexible schedule, including weekends
  • Benefits and wage increase available upon completion of orientation requirements.
  • Demonstrated awesomeness in station proficiency, teamwork and service is rewarded.

Our performance expectations are:  

  • Makes menu items to meet quality, portion and time standards
  • Maintains a clean and sanitary work space
  • Practices good personal hygiene
  • Timely and accurately completes prep list including stocking, rotating and clean-up
  • Meets quality and time standards for trimming & slicing meat
  • Efficiently maintains bread station throughout an entire shift
  • Knows how to work the grill (includes maintaining correct temperature and cleanliness, grilling items to standards in proper order
  • Maintains line cleanliness and sanitation (includes cutting boards, floor, trash, slicer and bread areas)
  • Assists co-workers with anything that is necessary or requested
  • Asks questions whenever necessary
  • Asks for help whenever necessary

The Success Patterns for this position are: 

  • Exhibits strong organizational skills
  • Works very effectively as part of a team
  • Recognizes when help is needed and is willing to ask for it
  • Makes food to quality and portion spec
  • Arrives to work on time
  • Is fun to work with

Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics: 

  • Feels passionate about cooking and giving great service to internal and external guests 
  • Enjoys working under a time crunch
  • Takes pride in being consistent
  • Loves to learn and takes direction with a smile
  • Enjoys a challenge and creating something new

Benefits & Perks

  • Health insurance, 401k, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Flexible spending plans (dependent care)
  • Company contribution to Health insurance (for full time staff)
  • 401k match (for full time staff)
  • PTO (Paid time off) you earn it and you can take it with you when you leave. 
  • Discounts at other Zingerman's businesses 
  • Paid training
  • Paid lunch breaks
  • 25% reimbursement on any massage
  • And more!

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website. 


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