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Candy Cook

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Job Description

Zingerman's Candy Company

Candy Cook

We are looking for a multi-talented individual who is passionate about candy and wants to learn the process from start to finish from one of America's finest candy makers!

Full Time, Shifts are typically 9am-5pm but can be adjusted with candy demand (open availability is preferred). Including evenings and weekends.

Our Performance Expectations are:

Essential Functions:

Help make candy from start to finish including:

  • Scaling recipes: measuring ingredients for candy making
  • Framing candy: layering candy components in a frame
  • Use wrapping, cutting and all other equipment used for the candy making process
  • Package and label candy for retail and wholesale customers
  • Cooking sugar syrups: nougat, brittle, caramel, fondant, fudge
  • Handle hot sugar with lightly gloved hands
  • Whip areations (egg whites and adding cooked sugar)
  • Tempering chocolate and dipping candy bars on an enrobing machine
  • Cleans and works in safe manner

The Success Patterns for this position are:

  • Working in a high-volume commercial kitchen experience required
  • Able to do intricate work with your hands
  • Able to read and follow recipes and directions
  • Able to work in a small space
  • Able to safely carry hot sugar syrup in hot pots (move from range to mixer area safely)
  • Able and comfortable handling hot sugar with lightly gloved hands
  • Able to stand and walk for duration of shift
  • Able to lift 50 pounds


Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics:

  • Has appreciation for chocolate and candy
  • Loves to learn and continuously improve processes
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Positive and encouraging attitude
  • Able to work well with a team and work independently

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.


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